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As it says on our logo – we have three main areas we concentrate on…


This is why the League was formed in 1948. Raising funds for the Hospital, patents and staff is ever more important in an increasing population with funds being reduced or scrapped completely.

We may not be able to help everyone at the Hospital, but with an increased presence and awareness of our Group, we can increase what is on offer through raising awareness and increasing donations…

Fundraising events in the past have always been a success, but we are always looking for new ideas and ways to raise funds for the Hospital.

If you have an idea, would like to hold a fundraising event, or simply donate then please contact us today.

Sponsorship is always a great way to raise funds and fun can be had at he same time, we only have to look at the huge success of Breast Cancer UK and similar charities with their fantastic efforts, so why not organise something for your local hospital? Get in touch with us with your details, you can also download a sponsorship form below


Our members and volunteers visit the hospital regularly to help out and ask staff what they need funding etc

We help by being a physical presence and also by the fundraising work we do.


We rely heavily on our members and volunteers, who tirelessly spend hours at the hospital, both in meetings and/or in the wards. Their time can be spent talking to everyone to find out how they can help improve and support the Hospital, not only for the patients, but also for the staff and visitors too.

We welcome new volunteers and members with open arms and would love to see more people from Scunthorpe and the surrounding area get involved. Feel free to come along whatever your age, ethnicity or culture; we welcome everyone and would very much like your input.

Become a Volunteer

By becoming a Volunteer – you can give as much or as little time you like; obviously the more time the better for us, but we understand people have other commitments such as full time jobs, families and study.

As a volunteer, you will be required to undergo a DBS check in order to comply with the regulations of the hospital itself, and then you will complete an induction programme before going on and supporting patients on the wards, organising fund-raising events and representing the League both in and outside of the hospital.

Become a Member

To become a member of the Scunthorpe Hospital League of Friends, you are required to pay a membership fee; this can be based purely on what you can afford. Becoming a member does require a bit more commitment such as attending some of the monthly board meetings etc.

Please share us with your friends and let them know the great work we are doing!